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At BMG Jet Center, you will be greeted by a friendly professional staff to meet your every need. Conveniently located in Southern Indiana, Monroe County Airport offers easy arrivals and departures with a Control Tower, ILS, GPS, and VOR approaches. With over 70 years aviation experience the staff at BMG Jet Center is always cheerful and ready to help you with any request. Allow us to help make your visit to Bloomington a success.

• Line Service

BMG Jet Center provides quick turn line service including mobile refueling for AvGas and Jet-A fuel. We accept nearly any contract fuel. Oxygen and nitrogen service, GPU service, lav service, and many other aviation services are also available 7 days a week. Our extensive line service technician training programs include Phillips 66, NATA Safety 1st, and meets the requirements for NFPA 407 Standard for Aircraft Fuel Servicing, and FSAT 03-01 FAA Approved Deicing. Contact us or use our reservation form to schedule an arrival.

Attention Military Personnel:
BMG Jet Center accepts US Government Air Cards
for your fuel transactions. Contact us for more details.

• Hotels / Rental Cars / Catering

Bloomington offers many hotel choices with locations around town. Let us help you with your reservation! Enterprise rental cars are available on site and may be delevered right to your aircraft upon request. Professional custom catering and commercial refrigeration is also available. Contact us or use our reservation form to arrange for any of these services.

• Aircraft Maintenance

Our maintenance and repair staff has experience with a wide array of aircraft including single and multi-engine, reciprocating turbo-prop and jet, rotorcraft, Part 135 charter, and even hot air balloons! A&P mechanics and IA's are available 7 days a week.

• Aircraft Rental

BMG Jet Center offers rental of a wide variety aircraft including single engine, multi engine, and rotorcraft. Rates start at $88 per hour and many of the available aircraft can be rented using our Online Reservation System.

• Air Charter

BMG Jet Center works in cooperation with Solutions Air Charter to offer Part 135 charter flights for any business or private need. A variety of reciprocating, turbo prop, and jet aircraft are waiting to take you to your destination. Visit Solutions Air Charter for more information or to request a quote.

• Cargo Handling

From a small package to a 53' van load, BMG Jet Center can handle cargo of almost any size. We offer pick up and delivery as well as forklift service up to 5,000 lbs. Contact us at (812) 825-7979 for more information.